Women's Rights & Protections - Call for Congress

Women's Rights & Protections

Women's rights, freedoms, and protections are continually under assault by a number of right-wing and religious extremist groups with alliances in the Republican Party. To combat this, we must:

- Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

- Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure women are paid equally for equal work. Pay discrimination is unacceptable.

- Pass the 2020 Violence Against Women Act.

- Ensure that domestic abusers cannot own or buy a gun.

- Federally fund and expedite all rape kit testing.

- Ensure full reproductive rights and bodily autonomy for women, including protecting Roe V Wade.

- Repeal of the Hyde Amendment.

- Provide free birth control and women’s hygiene products.

- Repeal FOSTA/SESTA which targets lawful sex work and puts sex workers at risk.

- Decriminalize sex work.

- Expand the WIC program.

- Guarantee universal & quality affordable childcare.

- Guarantee paid family leave.

- Protect and enforce Title IX.

- Ensure that sexual harassment & violence in the military is prosecuted.