Ending Wars and Supporting Military Families

Since my first protest against the first Iraq war in 1990, I have been against our military engaging in regime change wars.

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was a war based on lies and consent manufactured by the mainstream news media that has cost the lives of thousands of our servicemembers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Since that war began, we've spent trillions in wealth purchasing bombs and bullets instead of building schools and bridges, fixing lead pipes and paint in places like Flint, and building a national health care system. Our soldiers have paid the price repeatedly for the terrible decisions of our political leadership in Washington DC. We must categorically reject regime change and wars for resources which continue to pollute our planet.

We must demand better of our politicians who continue to vote Yes on budgets for endless wars for overseas resources and regime change rather than fixing our internal infrastructure and providing for the needs of ordinary people.

I will fight for:

  • Reducing our military forces, and providing a just transition for soldiers and support personnel to peacetime industries via a jobs guarantee, so that our retiring soldiers are not economically impacted by the drawdown of our forces
  • Repealing the AUMF passed in 2001 to justify wars, and restore Congress' power declare war instead of allowing the President to engage in wars without Congressional consent
  • Ending the military assistance to Saudi Arabia for their war on Yemen
  • Significant increases in pay for our soldiers, paid for by eliminating waste fraud and abuse of corporate contractors
  • Eliminating the disturbing and environmentally damaging Growler planes at NAS Whidbey Island
  • Dollar for dollar peacetime civilian economic investment into areas around military bases if they close to make sure communities are not economically impacted by a closure
  • Nuclear Arms Reduction and Disarmament
  • A Defense budget that is truly about defense, and not regime change wars and economic warfare
  • Fully funding the Veteran's Administration to take care of our soldiers for their needs after being subject to the armed conflicts