Affordable Housing For All

Housing is a human right. We must abolish homelessness and housing insecurity. It is immoral that the richest country on the planet has a housing crisis where every year ever more of us become housing insecure or are forced to live outside. It is time to adopt a policy that puts people first and guarantees housing for all. Everyone is affected by the current instability and extreme cost of the housing market. Many of us are forced to live outside on the streets, unable to afford rent living paycheck to paycheck, are trapped in abusive relationships and unable to leave, or are unable to live independently.

It's time to demand better.

I will fight for:

  • Abolishing homelessness and housing insecurity with a housing guarantee
  • Funding social housing as part of the Green New Deal to build at least 10 million green, union-built homes
  • A National Tenant's Bill of Rights requiring just-cause for termination of tenancy, providing public legal counsel in all eviction cases and landlord/tenant disputes, and expanding protections of tenants' rights to livable housing
  • Universal rent control and a prohibition on rental deposits
  • Taxes on unoccupied homes to curb speculation
  • Curbing foreclosures and allowing people facing them to have more options to work out resolution with their lenders and provide public legal counsel to those facing foreclosure to represent their interests