A Democracy That Works For All - Call for Congress

A Democracy That Works For All

I believe that money isn't speech and corporations aren't people, and that we must prevent all attempts to engage in voter suppression.

For too long, special interests and lobbyists have controlled our government to the detriment of the working-class.

It is time to demand better.

I will fight for:

  • Overturning Citizen's United and Buckley v. Valeo
  • Public financing of elections (i.e. Democracy Vouchers)
  • Prohibiting lobbying of Congress by former members of Congress
  • A modern Voting Rights Act, including non-partisan redistricting commissions and same day voter registration nationwide
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Making Election Day a Federal Holiday
  • Making vote-by-mail an option for all elections, and expand polling locations
  • Enacting prepaid-vote by mail nationwide
  • Abolishment of the electoral college
  • Ending all discriminatory voting laws and ending the purging of minority-community names from the voting roles
  • Allowing those who are under supervision or incarcerated to vote in elections, and be counted in the districts they formerly reside in rather than where they currently are if in an institution
  • Alternate voting systems (such as RCV & STAR) for primaries and general elections nationwide to end the spoiler effect