Issues - Call for Congress


Medicare for All
Universal single-payer healthcare guaranteed for all.

Healthcare is a human right. People are dying due to being unable to afford medical care and having to ration their insulin and other drugs, all while insurance companies, drug companies, and private hospitals are making record profits. In the richest country in human history, there is no excuse to continue letting this tragedy happen.

It is time that we demand better.

A Green New Deal
Ensuring a livable environment for all and a habitle planet for the future.

The climate crisis poses an existential threat to humanity. In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned we had 12 years left to reduce carbon emissions enough to avoid “catastrophic warming”.

Now we have only nine.

Without unprecedented action, according to climate scientists, we will cross a tipping point where the effects of climate change become irreversible and we face the prospect of catastrophic consequences that will endanger human life on this planet. The time for action was yesterday, we must act boldly to center people and planet over profit.

Time is running out. Time for a for a Green New Deal.

Tuition-free college
A quality education for all.

The United States is the wealthiest nation in history, and as such should have the best education in the world.

As a math teacher, I saw up close and personally experienced the continual funding cuts that deprived students of effective public education, all in service to an agenda of providing tax breaks to the largest corporations and wealthiest people. The funding cuts, along with with high-stakes testing, have proven to be absolute failure, and they must be reversed.

Teachers and other education staff from all across the country, from West Virginia to Oklahoma to Arizona to even here in Washington state, engaged in strikes not only to increase their own pay and benefits, but to also help their students as well.

Strengthening labor
Building an economy that works for all.

I believe that all people deserve a full and dignified life, and no one should be too poor to live.

I believe we need an economy that provides economic security for all. Right now, tens of millions are struggling because wages have not kept pace with the rising cost of living. The top 1 percent have seen their wealth increase by trillions while most Americans have seen stagnant wages, while essentials such as housing, food, and education have seen their costs rise by hundreds of percent. We must center labor and workers in our economic decisions and way of life.

COVID-19 Response

Mass-scale, urgent, bold action for the pandemic.

Disability Rights

Creating an equitable society for all.

Transformative Justice and Policing

Rein in police; provide justice to victims.

Women's Rights

Protect Roe and bodily autonomy.

Ending War

We must put an end to our endless wars and reinvest in families at home.


Building a nation of acceptance and equality.

Housing for All

Shelter is a human right and must be guaranteed for everyone.

Strengthening Democracy

Money is not speech; corporations are not people.