About - Call for Congress


My name is Jason Call. I have a 30-year history of progressive activism. I am a husband, father, a former public school math teacher, musician, and progressive activist. Over the last few decades, I have stood up for working class values around war, healthcare, education, and our environment.

I will be launching a run for Congress because here in Washington state, a supposed bastion of progressivism, we are represented by only a single progressive in the House: Pramila Jayapal from Seattle. It's time that our district also be represented by someone who is a proud progressive.

Over the last four years, I have served as an elected representative to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee for at times both Snohomish County and the 44th Legislative District. In my time on that body, I introduced—and passed—progressive resolutions like:

  • Reasonable firearms controls;
  • Rejecting corporate political action committee money from the health insurance industry and Big Pharma;
  • Opposing the blacklisting of progressive vendors by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Additionally, I was a founding member of the Separation of Church and State Caucus and the Economic Justice Caucus. The team I led for the Snohomish County Democratic Party platform successfully campaigned for the first section for the Washington State Democratic Party platform to be dedicated entirely to housing justice.

I believe in people over profit. I believe that good government is possible when we rein in the undue influence of giant corporations and directly challenge their power. Together, I believe we can prevent them from continuing to write laws that massively benefit the wealthy to the detriment of everyone else.

As Representative Jayapal said, we need a “fundamentally different economy”, and I will be running for Congress to advance that work.